b/ Soto del Barco (ES), 1992

I’m an artist and designer working around the integration of technology within society. I address themes such as the value of data, organisational infrastructures, and the figure of the diagram as a tool for speculation and knowledge generation.

Besides my artistic practice, I’ve collaborated with diverse public and independent initiatives at the intersection of art, science and digital cultures, such as Tentacular Festival (Matadero Madrid), Madatac Festival, the citizen laboratory Medialab-Prado, or AIDI, a community-led project where design and culture meet in a transversal manner. I hold a MA in Artistic Research at KABK (The Hague), a postgraduate course on Advanced Infographics at ETSAM (Madrid), and a BA in Industrial Design and Fine Arts from Universidad Nebrija (Madrid).

My work has been exhibited at the Centre for the Promotion of Science (Belgrade), Science Gallery Dublin, Nest (The Hague), LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón), Sala de Arte Joven (Madrid), or Sala Borrón (Oviedo). She has been awarded the Asturias Joven 2019 Award to Young Visual Artists and the XI LABjoven_Los Bragales Production Prize.


2020-2022 • MA in Artistic Research. Royal Academy of the Arts (KABK). The Hague, The Netherlands.
2018  • Postgraduate course on Advanced Infographics and Computational Design (MIAU). Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura – Universidad Politécnica, Madrid.
2013-2014 • Erasmus (Fine Arts and Industrial Design Engineering). Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.
2013 • Summer Program In European Art And Culture. Universidad Nebrija, Madrid.
2011 • Summer course on etching foundations. Slade School of Fine Arts, Londres, UK.
2010-2016 • BA in Fine Arts and Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development. Universidad Nebrija, Madrid.


2020 • Birds don’t take the train, but we do | Artists in Retreat | Blekinge, Sweden.
2020 • Systems Artist in Residence/Remoteness programme | Project: “A.I.R.” | Co-authors: Victoria de la Torre and Pedro Arnanz. Science Gallery-Trinity College Dublin & The Dock-Accenture. Dublin, Ireland.
2019 • XI Labjoven_Los Bragales | Project: “Skeens”. Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial & Colección Los Bragales. Gijón, Asturias.
2012 • ParaiSurural | Project: “La Cordera” | Co-authors: Estela Asensio and Diógenes Ferrándiz. ParaiSurural & Nebrija University. Valdedios, Asturias.


2021 • “Un lugar perfecto. Catástrofe en unos cuantos actos” – Sala Borrón, Oviedo.
2021 • “Skeens” art+science2021: AI Realities. Instituto Cervantes & Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade.
2020 • “Skeens” – Valey Centro Cultural de Castrillón.
2019 • “Skeens”  (Labjoven XI Award) – Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón.


2021 • “art+science 2021: AI Realities”. Museum of Science and Technology & Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade.
2021 • “In pending waters”. De Helena. The Hague. 
2021 • “Sun Kissed // Fog-Off”. Quartair. The Hague. 
2021 • “In These Strange Times”. Science Gallery Dublin. Dublin.
2020 • “XXX Muestra de artes Plásticas del Principado de Asturias + Premio Labjoven-Los Bragales”. Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid.
2020 • “XXX Muestra de artes Plásticas del Principado de Asturias”. Casa Municipal de Cultura de Avilés, Sala Borrón (Oviedo), Antiguo Instituto (Gijón). Itinerant exhibition, Asturias 2021. [Catalogue]
2018 • “Pinta Malasaña 18”, Madrid. Site-specific installation | Co-author: Cecilia Zavala.
2015 • “NEW NOW”, ELIA Amsterdam, Netherlands. [Catalogue]
2015 •AB OVO”, Matadero Madrid, Madrid.
2015 •Nueve”, Espacio B, Madrid.
2014 •Emerge”, Centro OVADA, Oxford, UK.
2013 • “Mañana, prácticas urgentes del arte actual”, Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid.
2011 • “IKEA Diseño Democrático”, Matadero Madrid, Madrid | Co-authors: Ana Bustos, Jorge Martín, Raúl Rey and Alberto Corral.


2019 • Asturias Joven 2019 Award to Young Visual Artists. Programa Culturaquí 2019 – Instituto Asturiano de la Juventud.
2019 • XI Labjoven_Los Bragales Award for the project “Skeens”. Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial & Colección Los Bragales, Gijón.
2017 • First COITIM prize for the best Final Degree Project of the Engineering Schools of the Community of Madrid for the project “Boti: a sustainable filtration system for developing communities”. Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Madrid.


“Skeens” • Los Bragales Collection of Contemporary Art. Santander.

DESIGN AND CULTURE / Coordination, design and curation

2018-2020 • AIDI – Design, research and innovation
Coordination, design and curatorship of activities. Including: revision of strategic lines and reframing of structure (2019); coordination of rebranding (2019); production of Prototypa for Madrid Design Festival’19 (Conde Duque, 2019); graphic identity for I Design Madrid’18 (Central de Diseño, 2018); facilitation of Diseñatón 2: El futuro de las tiendas (Central de Diseño, 2018); curation and coordination of Off Topic 2: Diseño Industrial y Cocina for Madrid Design Festival’18 (Medialab-Prado, 2018); facilitation and documentation of Diseñatón 1: El futuro de las ciudades for Madrid Design Festival (MiniHub, 2018).
Vice-president from November 2019 to February 2021.
2019 • TENTACULAR – Festival about critical technologies and digital adventures
Artistic coordinator of Tentacular Festival (2nd edition), curated by José Luis de Vicente and Julia Kaganskiy and organized by Matadero Madrid.
2017-2019 • MADATAC – New media art festival
Head of production at MADATAC 10 (Círculo de Bellas Artes, Cineteca y La Nave Digital) and MADATAC 09 (C.C. Conde Duque). Production assistant at MADATAC 08 (C.C. Conde Duque). Madrid.
2016-2017 • Medialab-Prado – Citizen Laboratory
Graphic design, facilitation, and art direction. Including the activities Ciudades Democráticas 2017 (Teatro del Español) and G1000 (Palacio de Cibeles), Madrid.

PUBLICATIONS / Research and Writings

2021 • Paper. Cuesta Fernández, E.; de la Torre Luque, V. and Arnanz Coll, P. 2021. “A.I.R.: from radical individuality to collected subjectivity”. Temes de Disseny (37), Invisible Conflicts: The New Terrain of Bodies, Infrastructures and Information. Barcelona.
2021 • Chapter in publication. Cuesta Fernández, E.; Mingorance, D.; de la Torre Luque, V. and Silva, S. “Criaturas Im(AI)ginarias”. Brusadin, B. y Joler, V. (Editors). Anatomies of a Black Box. Freeport Institute and Matadero Estudios Críticos. Madrid.
2020 • Commissioned text. FOMO – Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura. Roig, E. and Amann, A. (Editors). Madrid.
2020 • Catalogue. XXX Muestra de artes Plásticas del Principado de Asturias. Asturias.
2019 • Printed compilation. Flamantes 13 – Hago Cosas. Madrid.
2018 • Catalogue. NEW NOW 2018. ELIA Artschools. Amsterdam.


2021 • Speaker at Ars Electronica In Kepler’s Gardens. “art+science2021 AI Realities: Program Overview – art+science 2021”. With Dobrivoje Lale Erić (RS), Petar Laušević (RS).
2021 • Guest speaker at Clubhouse talk “Creating Art in These Strange Times”. Hosted by Science Gallery Dublin.
2021 • Guest speaker at “Art+Science Salon”. Hosted by Science Gallery Dublin and Trinity Long Room Hub. Dublin.
2021 • Guest speaker at Terraceo virtual: Ep. 9 – Somos Medialab”. Hosted by AIDI.
2020 • Jury of Diseñatón 3: Ciudades en Transición”. Organized by AIDI in collaboration with Distrito Castellana Norte Madrid and Vecinos Madrid Norte. Madrid.
2019 • Opening talk and roundtable moderation “Toca Madera: Call for Sustainable Design”. Hosted by AIDI and AHEC. Impact Hub, Madrid.
2019 • Artist talk “Art, textiles and awareness”. VIII Sustainable Fashion Conference by Slow Fashion Next. Museo del Traje, Madrid. [Video]
2018 • Facilitator at “Diseñatón 2: El Futuro de las tiendas”. By AIDI in collaboration with Leroy Merlín” for I Design Madrid 18. Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid.
2018 • Mentor at workshop “Esta marca era una ruina” (Branding for non-profit organizations). Organized by Reinventa Tu Educación in collaboration with AIDI. Impact Hub Madrid.
2017 • Workshop “Art Thinking in Science: Pushing the boundaries of the Scientific Method”. PH Day 17 “The State of the Art”. CNIC, Madrid.
2017 • Design talk “Boti: sustainable filtration system for developing communities”. I Design Madrid 17 by AIDI. Medialab-Prado, Madrid.
2016 • Guest speaker at the conference “The value of the community in the world of Design”. Universidad Nebrija, Madrid.
2016 • Guest speaker at the conference “Artists at Nebrija”. Universidad Nebrija, Madrid.


2020 • FREEPORT 0: Anatomies of a Black Box. Proyecto “Criaturas Im(AI)ginarias”. In collaboration with David Mingorance, Victoria de la Torre, and Stef Silva. Matadero Estudios Críticos. Madrid.
2017 • GriGri Pixel 17. Collaborator of the project “Madrugada”. Medialab-Prado. Madrid
2017 • Interactivos 17. Promoter of the project “Guateque in_capaz”. Medialab-Prado. Madrid.
2016 • Visualizar 16. Collaborator of the project “Mi museo: monitorización de visitantes en instituciones culturales”. Medialab-Prado. Madrid.