Earth2 is a promise of a dream. A metaverse where the mirrored Earth, divided in 10×10 m squares, can be claimed, bough and sold.

1. A 10×10 square was drawn at Quartair’s backyard, corresponding to the satellite image if the desired piece of land at Earth2.
2. The virtual piece of land was collectively bought by a community of 13 artists by means of a crowdfunding during the exhibition.
3. The virtual piece of land was auctioned at the Sun Kissed // Fog Off Art Auction at the end of the show, and the profit was distributed among the co-owners.


Action: Collective purchase of a piece of virtual land on Earth2.

Fictional auction performance by Omid Kheirabadi.

© Elisa Cuesta, 2021


Exhibited at ‘Sun Kissed/Fog Off’, KABK Master Artistic Research group exhibition at Quartair, The Hague, 2021.
Curated by Orlando M. Gouwenberg.