Au revoir, Appendix

‘Au revoir, appendix’ was a radio experiment I did with Simon Labbé for ‘A scenic route to self’, the Master Artistic Research collective exhibition at NEST Den Haag.

We negotiated with each one of the participants of the show a small sonic contribution (a poem, a song, a whisper, a leaking drop…). We used those sounds together with life recordings from the space to create a variable composition that grew, mutated and disappeared along with the exhibition.

The sea-shell-earbud-radio-booth was our little refuge and heardquarters during this process. The piece was streamed through Mushroom Radio, an experimental radio station initiated by KABK alumni Jack Bardwell, Benjamin Earl and Esther Vane.

Excerpt of the broadcast. Elisa Cuesta & Simon Labbé, 2022.

‘Au Revoir, Appendix’ in the publication ‘A Scenic Route to Self’. Elisa Cuesta & Simon Labbé, 2022.


Durational radio piece (7 h)
Photos by Maureen Mark

© Elisa Cuesta & Simon Labbé, 2021


“A scenic route to self” – NEST Den Haag (8 Apr – 10 Apr 2022). Curated by Maria Rey-Lamslag.


Mushroom Radio