Carnivore Idols

Smartphone as a technological device: a set of electronic and digital tools with specific functions.
Smartphone as a design object, with a series of aesthetic, formal and material attributes.
Smartphone as a consumer product, the result of a chain of extraction, transformation, assembly, distribution and sale.
Smartphone as data collector, with 24/7 access to user privacy.
Smartphone as an extension of the human body.
Smartphone as a symbol, impregnated with imaginary and aspirational components.

Smartphone as an object of desire.

A series of interventions on the smartphone-object generate situations of tension between use and abuse, the playful and the dangerous, the suggestive and the sinister. They question the relations of desire, affectivity and human-machine (inter)dependence in the present of the economy of attention.


Interventions on discarded smartphones (latex, pins, tempered glass powder)

Photography: digital print/cotton paper – 34×50

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© Elisa Cuesta, 2016

  • XXX MAPPA (Muestra de Artes Plásticas del Principado de Asturias). Casa de la Cultura de Avilés / Sala Borrón, Oviedo. (2020)