El lenguaje de la fuente

‘El lenguaje de la fuente’ (The language of the fountain) is a site-specific sound installation that drinks from ‘La Fontina’, a fountain situated in San Román de Candamo and that has been dry since the access to municipal water was made available throughout the village. The piece is part of a series of works in which I use water and different forms of filtration and channelling of fluids as a metaphor to talk about contemporary systems of communication, distribution and organisation of information. It is a proposal that invites us to stop and listen attentively to the lost language of the fountain, before continuing with the unbridled rhythm of our drifts.


Site specific installation at San Román de Candamo (Asturias, ES): ceramic cones, red rope.
Sound pieces: ‘Whistling clay, a sonic archive of toxicity’ (2, 3 & 4, looped). Recorded with the help of Simon Labbé.

© Elisa Cuesta, 2022


Photography: Javier Ayarza, 2022


NÉXODOS Candamo 2022 – III Encuentro de creación contemporánea y medio rural (29 julio al 7 agosto 2022 | San Román, Las Canales y El Valle)