Objects of desire

In Objects of Desire, Elisa Cuesta explores the border territories between mind and body. She works with the uncanny (from the German ‘unheimliche’, the opposite to familiar), a Freudian concept used to describe things or situations that are both familiar and strange. Cognitive dissonance is the word used for describing the simultaneous feeling of attraction and disgust towards something, something Elisa plays with in presenting a series of small jewellery pieces made from corporeal elements: jewels made from detached human body materials (hair and nails) and polyester resin. These are delicate, elegant and attractive objects that the viewer will at first be attracted to, and then automatically jump to reject once they notice what they are made of.


Human hair and nails, polyester resin, fabrics (cotton and polyester), gold pigment, jewel accessories.

© Elisa Cuesta, 2015

  • NEU-NOW. Westwergasfabriek, Amsterdam (2015) [Catalogue]
  • Nueve. Espacio B, Madrid (2015)