Three Stories of Water

I make maps to find my way. They are a way of getting to know.
I make them from other maps, memories, direct observation, or imagination.
Sometimes they take the form of a diagram, sometimes they are objects.
In making them, I become.

The maps I’ve collected here tell three stories about water:
My Netherlands maps are a way of finding my way in this new territory-mechanism.
My Madrid maps tell a story that happened there centuries ago, whose echoes still can be listened today.
My imaginary maps lack cartesian coordinates, yet they talk about situatedness.
Maps are objects from the past that connect me to the future.

I am here, but where am I now?

‘Three Stories of Water’ at ‘In Pending Waters’, de Helena, The Hague. 2021. Photos Renata Mirón & Xenia Klein. 

‘Three Stories of Water’, ink drawings on paper. 2021. 


Off-cycled waters from Madrid and The Hague, clay, dirt, alcohol and species, ink drawings, prints, online tableau.

Microscopic photographs of water samples by Carla de la Huerta.

Cordial waters made and served in collaboration with Eleonora Remmen.

Photos by Renata Mirón and Xenia Klein.

© Elisa Cuesta, 2021


Exhibited at ‘In Pending Waters’, KABK Master Artistic Research Year 1 group exhibition at de Helena, The Hague, 2021. Curated by Jay Tan and Geo Wyeth.
Participant artists: Balint Revesz, Clara Pallí Monguiold, Elisa Cuesta Fernández, Emily Stevenhagen, Eva Van Ooijen, Haevan Lee, Noortje Remmen, Omid Torkkheirabadi, Renata mirón Granados, Rosa Walbeek, Shardenia Felicia, and Xenia Klein.